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The audience speaking out loud!

I have been talking to people here and there from the audience, getting some opinions from who we’re making this festival to. Until now, this is what I got as feedback:


Erminia Prosapio – 1st year post grad in Biotechnology – Uni Perugia – 25 years old


“Journalism is something that regards everyone. To me, it means information. I’m interested in it because it can improve my knowledge about things like globalization and current events. I’ve been here in the first edition and I noticed that there were improvements, such as more presentations and more variety of content, and also places, since they’re not doing all the talks in just one place”.


Alessandra Bensi – Literature student at the university of Perugia – 20 years old


After the talk of Sergio Romano, I met a girl who told me: “It’s the first time I come to this festival, and it’s very interesting because it added knowledge about many issues, the things he said about media, editors and journalism in Italy. I’ll see the next talk about South America because I want to know more about what’s going on in that part of the world, what about freedom and how people do Journalism there. I’m also very interested in going through the other days and attending the festival ‘till it ends”. 



Victoria Onofreicinc – Journalist – Moldova

Mikkel Funsskov – Journalist – Denmark


“We arrived yesterday and saw the talk about the death of journalists, and it was quite interesting.  We think it was very well organized, there’s a great variety of speakers and points of view among them, also counting they’re from different nationalities and backgrounds, and the international part of it, for us, is really on the speakers. The audience though is mainly Italian, and we hope that this festival will grow in the next years so to attract more international audiences also. It’s a very interesting initiative”


Very stimulating to keep us on working hard for the festival to go on, huh?


Meghie Rodrigues

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