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eBooks vs. traditional platforms – does this fight really exist?

Immagine that you are a great writer who would like to publish your latest book. Where would you prefer to see it – on the shelfs of bookshops and at the libraries or online, published with using of a special platform such as any tablet or IPad? This question I addressed both to the experts who represented journalism lab («Are e-books and tablets good for newspapers?») and volunteers of IJF-2010.

Antonio Tombolini, Simplicissimus Book Farm: «Depends what kind of book I would like to publish. For example, if I need to reach the audience from Australia it will be difficult to sell it through (I mean if my book wasn’t translated into English) – Australia is too far from Italy and you will wait for a book for a long time. However, if I need a really global audience I will publish it on the web-site in PDF, for instance.

Carlo Annese, La Gazzetta dello sport:
I prefer to see it in a bookshop.

Stefano Bonilli, journalist:
I, vice versa, prefer to see it online.

Enrico Porro, Pazzo per Repubblica:
First, of course, in bookshops and then – online. I believe you should ask me this question in 50 years – then I’ll tell you «online».

Genevieve Gagne, volunteer (Canada):
Absolutely sure, on paper. I like the smell of new editions and I never read books on my computer.

Ilona Nuksevica, volunteer (Latvia):
Both formats – traditional and eBooks. I don’t mind if it will be PDF. But there are so many web-sites where you can download content for free. I don’t want to have my book published in such a way – without any agreement.

Giovanna Gallo, volunteer (Italy):
Online, as I’m a blogger and I post all my articles online. Sometimes it can help you to become a really famous and respected author if you publish interesting things online and people from different online-communities are interested in your publications.

Daan De Hulster, journalism student (the Netherlands):
Both at the same time. If you need to share your book with much more people – choose tablets as an additional platform.

To the conclusion of this discussion, as mentioned Enrico Porro, we should come maybe in 50 years but if somebody has anything to add right now – you are always welcome.

Anna Leonova (Russia)

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